Latchiri Kössan
Preparation time : 1 hr
Cooking time : 2 hr
Location : Fouta Djallon
Vegetarian : Yes
Difficulty : Medium
With : Corn
Cost : Inexpensive
Cooking method : Hobs / Fire

This is typically the speciality from Fouta! In Fouta there is no family celebration ceremonies (baptism, wedding) without Latchiri Kössan. Traditionally the curd is made with fresh milk immediately after milking the cows in the family‘s farm in the villages.

Ingredients (For 12 people)

  • 1 kg of corn flour

  • 1 kg of powder milk

  • 1 big cup of natural yogurt

  • 2 tins of coronation milk « Gloria »

  • Sugar or salt (to suit your taste)


  • Preparing the curded milk (the day before):

    Warm up two liters of water.

  • Pour into the gourd (or big bowl) the warm water. Add the powdered milk, stirring vigorously with a whisk to avoid lumps.

  • Add the yogurt, then the condense milk and mix.

  • Cover with large lid and cloth folded in four.

  • Allow fermenting in a dry place and away from the light for at least 4 hours preferably at night.

  • Making the corn couscous (latchiri):

    Boil some water in the couscous steamer.

  • (1) Place the cornmeal the cloth. Place the cornmeal on airy fabric/gauze in the upper part of the couscous steamer. Close with the lid. Leave to cook.

  • (2) after 30 minutes, gently remove the flower with the cloth and put it into the big gourd.

    • (3) Straight away add more water at the bottom of the couscous steamer. Boil the new water.

      • (4) Meanwhile shell the couscous with a wooden spoon, moisten with water and let it stand for 10 minutes and work well with your fingers to keep the same appearance of the couscous.

      • Repeat steps (1, 2, 3 and 4) for the 2nd time.

        • The latchiri is usually cooked in the 2nd batch, depending on the quality; otherwise re-steam it for the 3rd time for a quarter of an hour.

        • Tip: Serve the couscous with the curd. Can be eaten as it as desert with sugar or as snack between meals. It is also consumed as breakfast or dinner. Some prefer with salt

          Tips and Tricks

          Material: You will need a steamer, a piece of fine cloth (a fine gauze), a gourd (or big bowl) and a wooden spoon.